LED Lines Walls, Ceiling Of This Hyundai Showroom In Seoul Mega-Mall

November 16, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a Hyundai showroom in the newly opened Starfield Hanam shopping mall in suburban Seoul – one of those new-style car dealerships that skips most of the normal dealer stuff, like scores of cars, and uses a lot of digital to market the brand.

The third in a series of Hyundai Motor Studios, this one has some 500 square meters of 2.6mm pitch Unilumin direct view LED on the walls AND ceiling of the shopping center showroom.

Opened in September, Starfield Hanam is the nation’s largest shopping complex by floor space. The mall is also home to a flashy showroom for Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis, and for Tesla, BMW and Harley-Davidson.


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