SE China Mall Uses Huge LED “Waterfall” And Arena-Style LED Ribbon Displays For Shopper Experience

November 13, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a shopping mall in Guangzhou, with a huge 2.5mm pixel pitch LED waterfall in the central atrium and LED ribbon displays that are reminiscent of pro sports venues.

The content runs on the main screen and four levels of ribbons, and syncs.

One of the most interesting aspects, to me, is the stage and lighting you can see at the bottom of the tall LED. I tried, years ago now, to get a big shopping mall concern based on this side of the Pacific to invest in a permanent LED or LCD video wall structure in mall atriums that could be multi-purposed for advertising and marketing, but also have its costs recovered in specialty leasing dollars from brands who wanted to do live events, but didn’t want the cost/hassles of rental AV set-up and teardown.

They couldn’t wrap their heads around it, and it was probably too early. Six or seven years ago, LED was still largely a discussion about relatively low-rez, outdoor display tech. MUCH has changed, and it appears this mall is running with the notion.

It makes sense, even more so in North America, as malls try to become destinations and drive experience and be more than just one-stop shopping venues.

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