Tourist Stop In Zurich Uses 19-Wide LCD Video Wall To Promote Destinations

November 4, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Big LCD-based video walls are growing less common as direct view LED takes over, but there are still some nice jobs out there – like this one at the Zurich Tourist Information Centre in Switzerland.

The centre is located on the ground floor of the main concourse of Zurich Main station, and is there to provide useful local and regional information to residents and visitors.

This is a 19 by 1 LCD video wall that curves above and along the length of the information desk that faces the concourse. The wall uses 55-inch NEC displays, powered by a single ONELAN 4K NetTop-Box (NTB) digital signage player and subscriber, with the video content aspect ratio managed by five Datapath FX4 processors.

You can see the trade-offs that LCD presents. Lower cost – probably substantially lower – that DV LED, but you get the bezels bisecting the content, and the wall is … not … quite … calibrated, with colors subtly different display by display.

That stated, display nerds like people in this industry notice. I doubt the average traveler notices. 

It likely makes the Navori guys a bit crazy to see another CMS used in their backyard.

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