First Arriving Integrates First Responder Management System With Its Digital Dashboards

October 30, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Data integration and visualizing the right, real-time information are big parts of smart digital signage systems, so I am a fan of the hyper-vertical approach of a Richmond, VA company called First Arriving, which does digital dashboards for first responder services.

The company integrates with the different systems fire, EMS and police use to manage their people, activities and equipment. While the sales per department will, in many cases, be on the small side, think about how towns, cities, counties and states have police, fire and EMS units.

Many, many, many.

Just selling base digital signage capabilities into one of these services will not realize a lot of value unless the department has staff who can sit on top of it and do steady updates. The idea with data integration is you set the visuals and data links, and it updates itself automatically.

The company has announced it has integrated its platform with PSTrax, a Denver-area company that runs a system managing a wide range of operational issues around a station.

Says the PR:

Features of the PSTrax integration include:

“Our primary focus at PSTrax is to provide great customer experience,” says Ryan Larson, VP Business Development, PSTrax. “One way we achieve this is by partnering with like-minded companies that enhance the value provided to our clients. We believe the integration between PSTrax and First Arriving is a terrific example of that.”

Departments currently utilizing First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard system integration with PSTrax include Carencro Fire Department, Carencro, LA; Sable Altura Fire Rescue, Aurora, CO; and Wilson County District 1 Fire & Rescue, La Vernia, TX.

“The integration between PSTrax and First Arriving’s Digital Dashboard has been great,” says  Oren Haydel, Assistant Chief, Carencro Fire Department, Carencro, LA. “We can now see the status of our equipment in real time on the dashboards, without having to manage two different systems.”

Being a very general digital signage offer – with no real focus other than affordable and easy – is shaky at the best of times, and potentially deadly given the pandemic-slowed economy. Having a focus, being THE PEOPLE who service a niche with some scale, seems quite smart.

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