6,000 Thermal Sensor Kiosks Running In, Psssst, Home Depots

October 30, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A smirking Hat Tip to Middletown, CT-based Reality Interactive  for issuing a second press release about the same thing, and showing how tech companies are constrained by their clients in what they can say about big projects.

The company put out PR recently indicating its contactless body temperature check screen-thingie was seeing marketplace adoption. First time out, it was:

We are currently operating the AXSIS Thermal Enabled Digital Hub with a major U.S. Retailer in thousands of their stores nationwide, handling the traffic of thousands of employees.  

Now … 

The leading home improvement retailer in the world has already deployed 6,000 units, showing that the AXSIS™ device is exactly what employers are looking for to get the job done when it comes to keeping people safe in 2020 and beyond.

So they can’t say it is Home Depot, because the bigger the company, the harder it is (normally) to get PR approval. But it’s Home Depot, if we go by sales. Lowes is big, but well behind the orange guys.

Good deal. I have wondered if there are more sellers than buyers for these things, but big deployments like these suggest there’s a market after all.

  1. Still amazing to me that temperature screening kiosks like this, with no identification of the technology used, are marketed. It appears to be infrared and independent testing of those sensors (melexis and heimann comprise large segment) have found those units to be more hygiene theater than hygiene science. Several in-depth test results have been issued by IPVM including a warning on Meridian units, which has been purchased 1000s of time. I like Reality but odds are 99.9% this is a Chinese tablet with a thermopile. The liability factor increases every day. Would you buy an outdoor 55 digital signage unit without factoring the specific LCD and specs and its resistance to isotropic failure? I hope not. Then again some large companies do.

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