E-Paper Real-Time Transit Signs Dot Bus Routes in Portuguese City

October 29, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is one of numerous solar-powered, off-grid e-paper transit information displays in the Portuguese city of Coimbra.

The fourth-largest urban centre in Portugal, the City of Coimbra is connected by an extensive bus (and trolleybus) network, with more than 2,000 kilometres of routes and 1,350 bus stops. 

The city started installing fully autonomous, solar-powered displays from the Slovenian start-up Visionect three years ago.

The now has 25 of these “completely self-sustainable bus stops” – which are characterized by a post-mounted 32-inch e-paper display that has a solar collector positioned like a canopy atop the post.

Visionect has several transit systems using these set-ups. It helps to be in a sun-drenched place like Portugal, but e-paper transit information displays are being used in far less sunny places like London, UK. 

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