Open Source CMS Xibo Adds Digital OOH Ad Platform, Xibo Adspace

October 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

One of the more unlikely entrants into the crowded Digital OOH advertising platform marketplace the UK-based open source CMS firm Xibo, which has launched a new service called Xibo Adspace.

It is described by the company – which has had a free to ultra-low cost digital signage software solution available for about a decade now – as a simple, intelligent marketplace for DOOH advertising.

Says the company, based in Hove (Brighton) on the coast south of London:

Adspace is a fully-featured digital out-of-home advertising platform (DOOH platform), which comprises of four key capabilities.

Private Marketplace – Create campaign proposals, send them to prospective advertisers you know, manage changes and automate ad placement. Private Marketplace helps display owners effectively manage their estate and remove the need for manual management.

Adspace Marketplace – A unique marketplace enabling advertisers to programmatically purchase and place advertisements across the available Adspace inventory. Adspace delivers workflow management and image recognition to provide display owners with complete control, while providing advertisers the inventory they need to reach customers and insights to continually improve engagement.

Xibo Connect – Xibo Adspace allows display owners to easily connect their Xibo Content Management System and all associated displays. From here owners can set profiles and preferences, enable advertising creatives to be delivered to their displays and manage their inventory in an easy and automated fashion.

Analytics – Xibo Adspace Analytics gives measured, demonstrable proof of play and performance. This enables users to view key data points on their activities.

The company says the feature set is still expanding, and that a key goal is to simplify the platform and language.  

“We are focused on enabling outcomes for our customers, not talking in rhymes, riddles, or acronyms. Xibo Adspace, has been built to make it easy for advertisers, digital marketers and display owners alike, to achieve their goals.”

I have been around this industry for 20+ years and even with all that invested time, I still find myself going cross-eyed trying to make sense of SSPs, DSPs and a media industry that embraces jargon terms like they’re adorable little puppies. I had a consulting call the other day and warned the prospect client that when it came to DOOH ad platforms, I quite often didn’t know WTF they were going on about.

 We offer, says Xibo, simple and easy to use self-service tools with the automation of key processes like ad placement, running of campaigns and ad purchasing.

The platform has been designed to “seamlessly integrate with the Xibo Signage Content Management System, which is perfect for digital display owners.”

Poking around the companion websites for Xibo and the ad platform, it is not clear to me if the ad capability is only available for networks using the Xibo CMS, or whether an agent, widget or other thingie would allow ads to schedule on a network running a different CMS.

Open source and low-cost platforms like Xibo and Rise Vision tend to have a LOT of end-users, but most are smaller businesses, as well as schools, churches and non-profits. I don’t know, but assume this development reflects a way to help these operators recover or offset costs.

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for the detailed overview of Adspace. Xibo Adspace seems to be an impressive DOOH service. In my professional experience, this platform appears to offer a lot to the OOH industry. Of course, it is one of the low-cost DOOH platforms providing excellent results for any type of business.

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