Looking For More Feedback On 16:9 Direct View LED Survey

October 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Re-upping this post from two-three weeks ago. I have lots of responses but would absolutely welcome more from manufacturers, resellers, integrators and end-users!

About three years ago I traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China to see first-hand the ecosystem and process behind direct view LED, a technology that back then was just starting to gain serious traction in North America and elsewhere.

The output was a special report that examined that explained the technology in layman’s terms, sorted the different types, and showed how LED displays were being used in the marketplace.

Three years on, it is time for an update report. I want to produce a freely distributed multi-page document in PDF, as was done the first time out. It will be available here, via Sixteen:Nine. I MAY do some sort of download registration form, but it won’t be for lead capture or anything like that. I just want a better answer than “Beats me” if asked how many times it was downloaded.

The intention is not to produce the definitive technical dissertation on the LED industry. I’m not working directly in the LED business and I am most definitely not an engineer. The intent of the report is, instead, to produce something readable that non-technical people and the potential buying public can go through and absorb, without going cross-eyed.

To do this, I need your help – specifically your knowledge. Hence, this fairly painless survey. The questions were developed by me, so professional researchers will likely shake their heads in horror at the methodology. But I think the questions at least help tease out some information, and I left a lot of room for people to say what they think instead of choosing an answer from a list or dropdown.

If you are a manufacturer, integrator/solutions provider, OR an end-user, your comments and insights will help build this thing out.



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