New DT Vegas Resort Hotel Features 135 Foot Wide LED Board On Pool Deck

October 26, 2020 by Dave Haynes

There are lots of people who don’t see trade shows and travel ever returning to pre-pandemic numbers and scenarios, but in a city born from big bets, the backers behind a new casino resort will start putting their business plan to a test this week.

The first portion of the Circa resort – the first major, new build hotel in downtown Vegas in forever, is opening up mid-week. 

I mention this because the signature feature is a year-round swimming pool that includes a stadium-sized outdoor LED screen. The direct view LED screen is 135 feet wide by 41 feet, generating 14 million pixels.

The intent is to show live sports and sports book visuals, though I suspect there will be lots of viewing parties and private events. You book lounge chairs at the pool using an online system (like you’d use to buy sports and concert tickets) and prices go way up on big game days, like when the new NFL franchise there is playing.

The screen went in via a local company, Vision Sign. No idea on the display manufacturer, as I get a sense Vision is more of a sign installer and reseller than a digital manufacturer.

Update: Evidently a Daktronics display …

There is also a massive two-level sportsbook screen inside the casino, supplied by Dak. It is 39 feet tall by 118 feet wide, at 2.5mm pixel pitch. That makes for 4,600 x 14,400 pixels – resulting in what Dak says is the largest sports book screen in the world.

WHEN we finally get to travel again, this will be an interesting new install to check out, along with the revitalized Fremont Street Experience LED canopy.

For people who think of staying in downtown Vegas, one nice aspect of this new place is that no one under 21 is allowed. It’s not like Vegas is crawling with kids, but if weaving your way around strollers and families who are walking five people abreast and blocking corridors, this is a refuge.

The resort is also touting a parking garage so nice and shiny it is nicknamed Garage Mahal, and has promo video walls IN the garage.

And there is an impressive LED marquee on the side of the hotel tower …


  1. Jim Vasgaard says:

    Dave, the pool display and other directview LEDs were manufactured by Daktronics. As we get approval on news releases, will provide photos as well.

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