New Touch Film Enables Smartphone-Level Touch On Big, Tiled LCD Video Walls

October 23, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The touch technology firm TSItouch has started marketing a new touch film that can be applied to commercial LCD displays, resulting in the sort of responsiveness available on handheld device screens, and spanning between multiple screens on video walls.

The company, based in Pennsylvania, worked with the Portuguese firm DISPLAX on what is called PCAP Tile. PCAP is short for Projected Capacitive, the tech of choice for smartphone and tablet touch. TSItouch has the exclusive on selling DISPLAX’s PCAP film tech in the U.S.

Touchscreen video walls that line up several displays side by side typically use infrared sensing technology on the outside edges of the wall to kind of triangulate a user’s hand and create a touch experience. 

The pitch with this solution is that a “Skin Ultra” touch film applied to 55” commercial grade display enables a more responsive and seamless user experience. A touch action that starts on one display unit can be continued across the bezel to the adjacent display unit.

Says TSItouch in its marketing material:

By combining TILE with our patented GRBS bezel technology, TSItouch can deliver the ultimate in touch performance together with best in class professional aesthetics. TILE allows designers to access more creative layouts for different spaces. Asymmetric or mosaic layouts and even curved video walls can all be made interactive thanks to the versatility of the TILE technology.

The TILE can be easily embedded into a touch table or in a multitude of video wall configurations. TILE works just as well in larger collaborative environments as well as artistic layouts. Another exciting feature of the TILE technology is object recognition. By leveraging the advanced Skin Ultra touch components, TILE can be configured to recognize hardware tags for a more immersive experience.

This Linkedin post and video from DISPLAX also explains the tech.

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