DSF, AVIXA Announce Early Plans For Two-Day Virtual Conference, Called D=SIGN

October 22, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The relationship announced recently between the Digital Signage Federation and AVIXA is starting to get some substance to it, with word today that there will be a two-day virtual conference in early December focused on digital signage and DOOH.

The event is called D=SIGN and will run Dec. 8-9.

Presented by AVIXA and the DSF, D=SIGN is focused on digital signage hardware, software and content strategy. Featuring technology presentations, keynotes and sessions offering CTS RUs, if you’re involved with digital signage at your organization, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

I am on the DSF board, and can say that the base concept is there, as is the date and the technical underpinnings, but many details still need to be firmed up. The virtual event will be managed by rAVe Publications and its LAVNCH platform and service. I have been involved in a LAVNCH event, and Gary Kayye’s people do a great job moving things along and making it easy for the talking heads.

One thing we’re sorting out, but will do, is a 16:9 Mixer during the event – a networking session that allows people to see each other again – kinda sorta – via Zoom or some other video platform. The good news for me is I don’t have to find a venue, or get insurance so I am covered in case somebody gets tipsy on the two free drinks and tumbles down some stairs.

This will be Bring Your Own Drinks (BYOD), Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) and Get A Decent Web Camera, Dammit!(GADWCD!).

One of the nice things about doing a LOT of video calls during this nutty year has been seeing faces, home haircuts, loose pets, loose kids, makeshift home offices and beards – lotsa beards – of industry friends I have not seen since ISE or before.

We will need to figure out how we deal with 75 people talking all at once at a cocktail party, and Canadians leaving constantly to get another beer, but those are just more details.

The DSF-AVIXA relationship is built around education, so we can assume the sessions will not be shameless product pitches and will focus on emerging technologies, success stories and advice. I also assume this will follow the trend towards a half-day, midday events that don’t ask people to park their butts in front a screen for 8 hours to listen to people.

More details to follow.




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