Polish Apparel Retailer Modivo Launches Digitally-Driven, Video Wall-Heavy New Format Store

October 14, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting spin on a digitally-driven apparel store – somewhere in Poland.

The chain – called Modivo – has launched a new format that is heavy on narrow-bezel LCD video walls, and that uses something like an appointment set-up for shopping.

The store, designed by the London creative agency Dalziel & Pow, sees shoppers come in and park  themselves in lounge seating that has a series of tablets. Customers use those tablets to select the clothing and accessories they want to try on, and then store staff guide guests through the “dressing room experience.”

I assume this means they put the items together in private dressing rooms, and then call the customers in. The change rooms also have touchscreens. The purpose of those is not stated, but based on other retail jobs out there, it is reasonable to think they do things like contact staff to ask for different sizes or colors of items, and maybe do some suggestive selling.

This store is interesting for its approach to customized experiences, as there is lots of research out there suggesting attentive service increases purchase sizes. I don’t see any racks, shelves or tables loaded with items.

It’s also interesting in that it shows LCD video walls, done well, have some life in them yet. With super-thin bezels and the right content, they can be visually dominant and crisp at a price point direct view LED is still not going to hit, at least not at tight pitches and from a known, trusted supplier.

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