You Know LED Is Getting Mainstreamed When Big Fine Pitch Displays Go In Sports Bars

October 13, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A sure sign that Direct View LED display tech is getting mainstreamed is a new case study showing a big, three-sided display cube over a sports bar in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Now keep in mind this is a bar adjacent to Lambeau Field, home of the storied Green Bay Packers NFL team, but still …  

The bar, called The Turn, has a 1.92mm pixel pitch LED “cube” from SNA Displays looming over the bar and bisecting banks of flat panel displays. The screen runs a variety of live and scheduled content, including game day broadcasts. Each side is 4’5″ high by 7’10” (702 x 1,248 pixels).

The integrators set the three sides at 90-degree angles so that on-screen content can be seen from many vantage points in the bar.

The bar is part of a mixed-use development called Titletown, and the integrators – Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP) – put a 2.5mm SNA display that has enough pixels for HD in the lobby of a nearby office block.

Case study and video here …

  1. Andy Towers says:

    Creating experiences pays off. Make the environment a place were people enjoy spending time and they will come. McCann Systems has been doing this in sportsbooks for years. ESI, Niles Creative all know its about the human connection not hanging TV’s on a wall.

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