Congratulations! Ventura’s A First-Time Dad

October 13, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Big congratulations to first-time father Rich Ventura, who most industry people will know from NEC Display and more recently at Sony.

He also was very active in and then headed the Digital Signage Federation.

Jordyn Roselynn was born at 8:24 am on Monday. She was 7 lb. 10oz. and 19” long. I’m an idiot and cannot remember the name of Mom. (Update: It’s Maureen. Thanks Ken Goldberg!).

Have a nice glass of Pappy’s or whatever bourbon (he has a LOT of primo bourbon) to celebrate the big moment, my friend.

Hey … beard’s gone. When did that happen?

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Mom’s name is Maureen. And you aren’t an idiot, Dave.

  2. Rich Ventura says:

    Thank you. Mom and baby are doing awesome. It is an amazing experience.

  3. Thank Goodness Baby Jordyn takes after Maureen’s side of the family…but seriously Congrats RV.

  4. So happy for the Ventura family. She is precious! And in no time She will have Daddy wrapped around her little finger – oh that is now 🙂

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