Another Anamorphic LED Public Art Board Surfaces, This One In China

This is a big wrap-around DV LED display on the corner of an urban shopping plaza in Chengdu, China, using 3D animation techniques to create the illusion that a Star Trek ship is emerging from the building.

The set-up is VERY reminiscent of a board in Seoul that also also shows public art.

You will notice that the creative, while amazing, is an anamorphic illusion that has a viewing sweet spot. The videos for this and the one in Seoul all show this angle. I’m not sure what it looks like if the camera was taken 100 feet to the right and looked head on. My impression is the 3D effect is diminished or goes away.

That doesn’t take away from the effort or impact, as there is lots of public art out there that’s best viewed a certain way.

Here’s the similar set-up in action in Seoul. 

Amazing, but here is a still from the corner sweet spot, and the front.


The videos suggest this is Samsung’s outdoor DV LED, but I have not seen anything confirming that. I actually have my doubts, given how many – 100s, maybe 1,000s – alternative LED suppliers are in that country. It would be very hard for an out-of-country supplier to compete. 

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  1. The LED technology can ben replicated but is it as easy to copy the work of the creative studio behind the wave that Samsung just signed a content partnership with?

    It’s something of an LED unidentified flying object.

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