AVIXA, DSF Forge Education Partnership In Wake Of DSE’s Demise (Inc. Video)

October 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The trade association AVIXA and the members-based Digital Signage Federation (DSF) have done a partnership that will see it bring expert-level digital signage education content to the global Pro AV group’s trade shows and events.

AVIXA is also taking some steps to smooth out some of the financial hit taken with the demise last week of the events company Exponation, and its flagship trade show Digital Signage Expo. Vendors who lost exhibit deposits when DSE went under last week can use a percentage of that amount against future AVIXA events or education.

It’s a pretty natural partnership, given that AVIXA’s InfoComm and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), which it co-owns with CEDIA, are the biggest pro AV shows on the planet and have substantial digital signage components and participation.

A new partnership is needed because the DSF was founded and seed-funded by Exponation going way, way back, and DSE was the trade show of record for the DSF. The DSF also got what amounts to an allowance annually based on a percentage of DSE revenues.

“Partnering with the Digital Signage Federation will enrich AVIXA’s educational programs immensely. The organization provides a wealth of knowledge in this thriving pro AV solution,” says David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with DSF to bring extraordinarily beneficial insight to AV professionals at AVIXA events.”

“AVIXA’s events are an ideal setting for DSF to bring its educational program—their audiences are full of AV professionals eager to learn about emerging technologies and solutions,” says Brian Gorg, Executive Director of the DSF. “We have been at the forefront of bringing digital signage expertise across many different platforms for the last decade, and we can’t wait to explore this exciting world with the AVIXA audience.”

InfoComm and ISE have had digital signage educational components through the years, notably through a partnership with the Munich consultancy and publisher Invidis, which puts on a Digital Signage Summit at ISE and has been doing virtual webinars and roundtables with AVIXA for the last several months (I’ve been moderating the roundtables).

What the DSF can bring is great subject matter expert content that builds off the on-demand micro-credential education stuff it does online. DSF board members Paul Fleuranges, Ryan Cahoy and Wayne Rasor have done an amazing job of pulling together the contributors, format and guardrails for courses that teach and don’t pitch.

I am on the DSF board, as well, but was not part of the discussions with AVIXA. I can only assume the idea here is to help shape and contribute to material that helps the integrators, solutions providers and end-users who tap into AVIXA learning get up the curve faster, using credible content.

COVID-19 has forced a deluge of webinars and other online learning opportunities on the market, and really put a spotlight on good content versus sessions that aren’t even thinly-disguised product demos and pitches.

The AVIXA-DSF announcement also says:

AVIXA and DSF’s newly formed partnership demonstrates both organizations’ commitments to supporting digital signage professionals and the larger channel serving them.

AVIXA will be extending the options for DSE 2020 exhibitors to use a maximum of 25% of their lost deposits towards an AVIXA event with up to 100% credited across the portfolio of events through the end of 2021. Further, individuals who made advance payments for DSE trade show registration and conferences may apply those deposit dollars as credits toward the InfoComm 2021 education program.

“AVIXA is dedicated to supporting the pro AV industry—especially during hardships,” says Labuskes. “Although we clearly cannot reimburse these lost out-of-pocket monies for DSE exhibitors and registrants, we can certainly offer our platform’s value at a discount to help the industry on its road to recovery.”

Later this month, AVIXA will announce details on DSF’s programming for future in-person and virtual events.

Here’s the conversation I had yesterday with Dave Labuskes of AVIXA and Len Dudis from the DSF. That’s Joe’ Lloyd from AVIXA listening in, as well.


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