SNA Latest LED Maker To Package “Small” Displays As Plug-And-Play Bundles

October 6, 2020 by Dave Haynes

SNA Displays is the latest direct-view LED manufacturer to come out with a bundled product that simplifies the idea and execution for big screens, for a reseller and partner channel that doesn’t all eat-sleep-breathe LED.

The company’s ASPECT plug-and-play displays come in 16:9 aspect ratio and in four set sizes, from 108-inches to 216 inches. All are in 16:9 format.

The displays are angled at use-cases like conference rooms and meeting spaces, bars and restaurants, event booths and houses of worship. Each display has its own frame, and comes pre-configured, so the displays don’t have to be calibrated during setup.

In short, as with other manufacturers who have gone down this path, these things come ready to go, like giant TVs that use LED instead of LCD or OLED.

The challenge manufacturers are finding is that specialist consultants and experienced integrators are deeply experienced at spec’ing a big visual space with direct view LED cabinets , to whatever scale and shape needed. But if you talk to a local company about cost per square meter, and cabinets and viewing distance vs pitch … and on and on … their heads may explode.

This … the simple pitch that we have four sizes, they’re all set up … resonates with partners who are FAR more accustomed to putting in LCDs, audio and collaboration systems. 

These kinds of projects are not as exciting as filling a vast lobby wall in a premium office tower, but those projects are finite in number. There are countless places a simplified, lesser-cost set-up could be used.

“The key to this technology is that it’s simple and easy to use,” says Rick Bortles, vice president of global sales at SNA Displays. “Fine-pitch LED has already proven to be the preferred technology for close-quarter applications, and these all-in-one displays take it to a new level. Video walls and mobile video applications have never been so user-friendly, or so attainable.”

The new LED displays, says the company, are designed to be set up and installed by a two-person crew in eight hours or less.

Each ASPECT shipment includes required mounting hardware, and SNA Displays offers free structural engineering consultation. Products are also available with an optional stand, allowing for greatly increased mobility. Other features include integrated cable management for a clean display presentation, a handheld magnetic tool for simple front-access maintenance, and the latest in LED processing in a minimized smart-bar format, requiring no additional processing or rack equipment.

Users can operate the digital displays through a variety of connection methods including Miracast, Apple AirPlay, ClickShare, Bluetooth, WiFi, and direct connection via HDMI or USB. Each ASPECT offering supports split-screen inputs where multiple signal sources are cast simultaneously to the display.

Like with a standard TV, users can navigate the onscreen interface with an included remote or through other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


  1. Andy Towers says:


    This is where so many LED companies are missing the mark in the USA. They do well in other regions but its difficult to get ultra-light ultra-thin to meet EMI and Safety regulations. To compete with LCD the winner will seed and scale to drive the price down. The price and install labor are the biggest hurdles to replacing LCD.

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