NYC Property Group Uses DV LED To Wrap Around Its Main Sales Meeting Space

October 6, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Glass conference rooms in open plans sometimes get wrapped in translucent film to add a little privacy, but I don’t think I have seen a meeting space wrapped in a curved, 51-foot direct view LED display wall.

This is the Midtown West Marketing Suite, the sales and marketing space for the Brookfield Properties-owned mixed used development Manhattan West. The intent is to wow and sell to prospective commercial tenants.

“To that end,” says a NanoLumens mini case study, “visitors receive an innovative and boundary-pushing experience from two NanoLumens 1.56mm Nixel Series Flex displays designed to virtually transport them across a dynamic urban neighborhood, featuring state-of-the-art office space, luxury apartments, a boutique hotel, and two acres of thoughtfully designed open space. “

“With the help of ACME Pro AV, the NanoLumens displays truly deliver a high-resolution WOW-factor experience. Visitors are greeted by the Gallery Wall, a convex curved 51-foot wide display appearing as video wallpaper on the exterior of a conference room.”

“For a truly enveloping experience, the Immersive Theater display wraps visitors in a 46-foot wide concave display portal to transport them across Manhattan West.”

That last bit confuses me. Maybe the second LED wall is inside that meeting space???

Whatever the case, it’s impressive and is a reminder that at 1.5mm pitch, with a little viewing distance, you can do text and detail on an LED. 

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