Watch A Giant Polar Bear Walk Over Crowd On Chinese Attraction’s LED Canopy

September 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a fairly amazing LED canopy ceiling in what I think is a theme park in Jinhua, China, a large city roughly south of Shanghai.

Details are scant, as is often the case for projects only written about in local languages, but I think this is the Shanghai Bund theme park, which is a bit like Universal Studios in Los Angeles. As with the latter, this one has street scenes that tourists can walk along, but is also used for movie shoots. The scenes, in this case,  look like Shanghai’s Bund waterfront district in the first half of the last century, well before the crazy skyscrapers started sprouting up.

There’s a section of the attraction that has a very large and long LED media canopy, and in the Linkedin clip below you can see creative paired with experiential elements, like artificial snow.

The video is from an LED company called Ocolour. The company’s owner posts relentlessly on Linkedin, but shows images and video and  doesn’t tend to offer many details.

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