Intuiface Offers Free Consulting To Raise Understanding, Drive Benefits Of Analytics

September 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The French software firm Intuiface – which markets a no-coding-necessary platform for building and running interactive digital experiences – has launched a free consulting service designed to help the ecosystem and end-users wrap their heads around analytics.

The free service focuses on KPI identification based on project goals.

The company also has an optional follow-on, fixed-price engagement that gets much deeper into the set-up, operation and validation of a program built around analytics.

Says the company in PR:

In digital signage, analytics is the discipline concerned with data collection at or near the screen to identify opportunities for improving project success and insights for better business performance. Until recently, data collection was difficult to accomplish as most signage functioned purely in a broadcast capacity.

The lack of data resulted in a lack of analytics competency in the industry. Although the introduction of touch, sensors, computer vision, and other user-aware approaches have created data-rich signage environments, businesses remain underprepared to use the collected data effectively.

With its specialization in interactivity, Intuiface has always enabled its users to create data-rich experiences for on-premise use. And starting in 2018, with the release of Intuiface Analytics, this information was put to use with the introduction of data collection, chart creation, and dashboard publishing.

The result was not just the only complete analytics solution offered by a digital signage company, but also an exclusive perspective on the unique needs and objectives for analytics in that industry. This insight exposed the lack of analytics competency and drove the development of the two new analytics services.

“From our point of view, the missing piece of the puzzle for widespread acceptance of analytics is not technology, cost, or data privacy, it’s the analytical competence,” says Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of Invidis Consulting. “This is why analytics consulting services are so important. Even the best analytics platform is only a tool and does not replace human experience.”

Intuiface’s first service is a free 60-minute engagement dedicated to identifying project-appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs). These are the measures that best represent how well project goals are being met; every analytics initiative begins with KPI identification.

To architect signage deployments that drive data collection for these KPIs, and to develop chart-based visualizations of goal fulfillment, Intuiface is also offering a fixed-price service that begins with KPI identification and includes hands-on assistance through deployment to ensure a successful analytics effort. The service is concluded with a 30-day post-deployment assessment to course correct the analytics effort based on the existing dataset and reassessment of project goals.

“No business effort can survive on intuition. Information is the fuel of project success, and analytics is the engine,” says Jacques Soumeillan, Executive President of Intuiface. “Our services are designed to leverage the best of interactivity and remove the barriers between Intuiface’s clients and data-based insight.”

I like that last comment, which is spot-on. Smart network operators mine and analyze whatever data they can get that tells them about audience dynamics and offers tangible insights on how their efforts are impacting the business.

Geoff Bessin, the company’s Chief Evangelist, puts it another way: “You’ve got to be nuts to run a signage project and not collect data. You’ll never know if you’re fulfilling project goals, and you’ll never learn anything about your target audience and the effectiveness of your outreach.”

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