Sort Through Craft Beer Options With This Projected, Interactive Bar Top

September 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Using projection and cameras to make an otherwise mundane surface interactive is not new, but technology advances mean the experiences are steadily getting better and the ideas more interesting and fun.

This is a concept from Argo Design, a creative technology agency that is based in Austin, TC but also has offices in New York and Amsterdam.

Instead of interactive placemats or table settings in high concept restaurants, this is a beer ordering menu for a bar top.

The overhead camera, working with the tandem overhead projector, allows someone hanging out directly at the bar to search through craft beer options. Of course you could relay this sort of thing with digital menu boards and not worry about projection, but bars that want to be a bit more than watering holes are looking for experience, like singing plastic fish.

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    McDonalds tried this in 2014 in Canada with Christie Digital and EK3. They put games, mostly designed for kids on some tabletops. They were thinking of phasing out their Play Places.
    Cool concept but too expensive at the time.

  2. Tim Vance says:

    Totally dig this. Dave, that would be TX

  3. Will Price says:

    The singing plastic fish was one of the pure pleasures that had been seen on linked in in recent memory.

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