RMG Networks Changes Name To Korbyt, Aligning Brand With Core Product

September 23, 2020 by Dave Haynes

RMG Networks has re-branded itself to align the company name and core product – with RMG people now known as Korbyt people.

“Customers already know us for Korbyt. With our tremendous record annual growth, it makes sense for us to adopt the name of our award-winning product to further build upon our strong market position,” says Ankur Ahlowalia, the Dallas-area company’s relatively new CEO. “Korbyt clearly conveys our unwavering dedication and success in helping companies optimize their digital communications.”

The name change has been paired with the launch of a major version release of the company’s CMS software. The workplace-focused Korbyt Advisor, helps companies operate safely and efficiently by prioritizing content and communications.

Embedded in the latest platform version, Korbyt Advisor utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze data usage and recommends content that helps encourage positive employee behavior to boost productivity and reduce voluntary turnover. A bevy of additional new features released in the latest update further help enterprises deliver optimized and targeted messaging to foster engagement across employees and customers.

“As businesses around the globe continue to reopen amid the pandemic, our newly-introduced Korbyt 2.4 provides the interactive experiences businesses require to operate safely. Our added product capabilities enable companies to visualize, connect, and measure engagement with employees and customers in real time,” says CTO George Clopp. “The Korbyt platform continues to leap competitor capabilities with its ability to analyze engagement with predictive analytics and optimize the employee and customer experience.”

It is the third re-branding for the core company. It was originally known as Symon Communications, but in 2013 the workplace-focused company was merged by investors with RMG, a digital OOH-focused firm that was about as far removed from staff communications as was possible within the digital signage spectrum. RMG was short for Reach Media Group, and was based in downtown San Francisco.

The media element of the business – which included selling ad time on the seatback screens in airlines – fairly rapidly went away, and RMG kinda mostly went back to being Symon and the Fortune 500s who’d been using their data display software in places like call centers.

Customers, of course, know the company’s software is called Korbyt, but I doubt it has particularly high awareness in the end-user ecosystem. So this is a bit of a reset that maybe clears out how any confusion about what the company did and does now.

I wonder if they considered going all the way back to Symon? In late 2018 they kinda brought it back as the handle for its enterprise software, but it doesn’t look like that’s an idea that stuck.

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