Palmer Starts Marketing Electric Vehicle Charging Kiosks

September 22, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice take on the idea of marrying a digital OOH outdoor-ready display with vehicle-charging technology, from Chicago-area custom display company Palmer Digital Group.

Called EVTower, it’s a 55-inch outdoor obviously designed to work happily in all kinds of punishing climate conditions – from snow and cold to Phoenix in July.

The unit works like a gas pump, except it’s a power cable and not a fuel hose you pull out.

PDG is NOT The first company to come out wth something like this. Meridian Kiosks, for example, also has an EV charging station with a big screen.

Peerless-AV has been making a similar product for the charging station company Volta – a deal announced last year.

It’s an interesting area. I get it for specific brands, who might want that that time with viewers at the start and stop of charging, to upsell or get people thinking about their NEXT electric vehicle.

But as a pure ad model, not sure I see it. It’s one to one messaging, not the one to many that most brands want with advertising screens and faces. I think the minimum time needed to charge a car is 30 minutes and it can also be as long as eight hours, so you are not talking about a substantial number of potential viewers. If you factor in people who walk by, that assumes they look, and that the vehicle isn’t obscuring the view. 

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