Reflect Webinar Explores ROI & ROO Of Digital Signage Networks

September 17, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Is your digital signage project mission critical? That’s the question being explored a week today on a webinar run by Dallas-based CMS software and solutions firm Reflect.

I agreed to be part of a panel talking over the why, where, what, who and when questions associated with putting together a digital signage network that has a useful outcome.

The abstract for the session says:

As businesses across the country reopen, the need for engaging, informative, immersive experiences is greater than ever.

Digital signage can help a broad variety of organizations improve engagement with customers and staff. However, successfully navigating a digital signage initiative can be a complex challenge—one many people find overwhelming as they try to assemble all the pieces needed to form a solution.

In this session, our panelists will talk about how digital signage can help drive business outcomes, the obstacles that keep these initiatives grounded, and strategies and tactics for overcoming these obstacles.

I will be joined on the Sept. 24 session by Grady Milhon, who is responsible for IT planning and engineering across Verizon’s 1,700+ company-owned wireless retail stores, and by Reflect founder and President Matt Schmitt.

You can register here …

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