Healthcare Services Provider Uses FWI’s Platform To Relay Real-Time KPIs To Staffers

September 15, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Denver’s Four Winds Interactive has a case study up online about the work it is doing with HHS, a big Austin-area services provider in healthcare and other sectors that need things like housekeeping and catering.

The company jettisoned its older, legacy CMS software for FWI’s a couple of years ago, and uses the new platform to integrate real-time data and target messaging by location.

Says the case study:

Leveraging a pre-built integration for Salesforce, HHS easily pulls performance data, individual location goals, employee information, and more simplifying previously time-consuming processes and eliminating the need for managers to manually update dry erase boards. 

However, after learning about FWI Cloud—FWI’s latest advancement in digital signage content contribution, network and user administration, and device management—HHS decided to upgrade. Capitalizing on the ability to leverage data-driven tables, HHS uses FWI Cloud to ensure regional, local, and company-wide content reaches its employees, plus gains the ability to easily update those data tables on the fly.

The screens now show staffers – presumably at HHS offices and in back-of-house screens at client sites – real-time KPIs out of Salesforce that let everyone know how they’re doing on things like room cleaning turnaround times and customer satisfaction scores.

This stuff is nowhere near as “sexy” as flashy video walls and venues lit up by dozens of displays, but meat and potatoes digital signage focused on the workplace is incredibly valuable, and it scales out nicely.

In this case, FWI is driving content to some 450 screens.

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