Screenfeed Adds Automated Twitter And Google Trends Feeds To Subscription Options

September 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The folks at Minneapolis-based subscription content store Screenfeed are rolling out a pair of new services today that visualize trending topics for Google and Twitter.

The new Google and Twitter Trends tap into what people are thinking and talking about globally, aimed at people of all ages and demographics that have a desire to stay on top of trending topics.”
The automated feeds update every 30 minutes and are configurable for everything from full screen and zones, to color customizations and animations. 
It also has a moderation toolset, so that keywords can be stripped out. For example, what’s heavily trending right now is chatter about NFL star Odell Beckham’s curious bedroom proclivities, which I do not need to know about. Ever.
The visualization is reminiscent of one Google was making available, though I am not sure it still does.

It’s very “sticky” content, jokes Steve Glancey, VP of Business Development at Screenfeed. “You should think twice about putting Google and Twitter Trend feeds in your office or anywhere you are trying to actually sit down and get work done because I can’t stop looking at it.” 

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