LED Walls Front Giant New Training Room For Transport Solutions Firm

September 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is the big training room at the newly-built corporate headquarters in Atlanta of SMC3 – which uses a pair of fine pitch LEDs to showcase the company’s products, train employees, and host corporate events.

The company – which does solutions for the trucking industry – built in a training room that seats up to 500 people – designed so that the company could have a conference call in a full room while still allowing everyone to participate, even those in the back of the room.

The video walls were put in by AV integrator Baker Audio Visual, using SNA Displays’ BOLD product.

Says the PR:

While video walls are sometimes built to fit an existing space, in this case, SMC3 consulted with Baker AV during the design phase so that the room could maximize the benefits of the attention-grabbing displays. This unifies form and function while demonstrating the wisdom of having a clear vision and communicating it to the design team.

“Because we were brought in so early during the design process, we were able to design architectural components around the technology in some cases, not the other way around,” said Jacob Dylan, project executive for Baker AV. “The main reason SMC³ chose SNA Displays’ direct-view LEDs for its new video walls is they wanted a high-quality system that would support their needs into the future. We lead with SNA Displays for just about everything. Baker is a super family-oriented company and SMC³ is part of our extended family. When you get someone you really care about as a customer, you go with a company you really trust.”

Both displays are part of a fully integrated audio-visual system within the Training Room, which includes complete audio reinforcement with ceiling-installed microphones as well as wireless mic solutions.

Each LED video screen is 8’10” high by 15’9″ wide and employs a 2.5 mm pixel pitch, providing both displays with a high-definition (HD) resolution of 1,080 pixels high by 1,920 pixels wide. Combined, they contain more than four million pixels.

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