Telelogos Gets Its Signage Management Software Curbing Smartphone Use In Rolling Vehicles

September 3, 2020 by Dave Haynes

I’ve seen digital signage software and related technologies used in novel, unpredicted ways, but never really saw a use for it in boosting transport driver safety.

The French digital signage software and solutions company Telelogos has among the best, most thorough device management set-ups I have seen in the industry – and now its spin-out product CLYD is being used to limit how and when motorists can use smartphones while behind the wheel and moving.
From the CLYD interface, says PR, the fleet manager can define the speed after which the terminal is to be blocked, preventing drivers from using it. The manager also defines the display mode if this threshold is exceeded, and can choose to leave applications active in the background.  This allows drivers to view navigation applications or answer calls via Bluetooth, for example, even though interaction with the screen is temporarily disabled.
The company says it developed software to counteract government research that suggests nearly 60% of French motorists are using their smartphone while driving. “In the transport sector, this finding is all the more worrying. In addition to jeopardizing the employee and other road users’ safety, using the smartphone while driving also engages the company’s responsibility and its legal duty to manage potential risks in the workplace.”
“We developed this feature because we have many customers in the transportation industry or with vehicle fleets. Our aim is to offer a solution that enables remote management of devices while developing business functionality that meets the domain’s needs, particularly in terms of security,” says Christophe Billaud, GM at Telelogos.

The company says major players in the goods and passenger transport sector in Europe – such as Astre, Fraikin, Geodis and Audouard, already use Telelogos to support their digitalization and their employees’ equipment with mobile solutions.
CLYD is a Mobile Device Management solution providing users with the possibility to manage and secure mobile devices fleets. More specifically, users can deploy and update embedded business applications on large fleets of devices. 
Thanks to the kiosk function integrated in the software, fleet operators can also restrict device’s use to authorized applications or parameters. CLYD offers drivers a secure working environment, dedicated to their activity and constantly updated.
It’s interesting, to me, to see a digital signage software company expanding its capabilities outside the norm, when most of the time it seems to be technology companies from other sectors adding some sort of digital signage capability.

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