Yodeck Now Supporting NEC’s Raspberry Pi-based Smart Displays

September 1, 2020 by Dave Haynes

It has been a few years since NEC Display bucked the big trend toward hard-wired System on Chip displays by instead focusing on smart displays that could be upgraded just by opening a trap door and swapping out the smarts.

There has not been a mad rush to go down NEC’s path, as the platform focused on a snap-in module version of the Raspberry Pi, the UK-origin low-cost micro PC. There are maybe a half-dozen CMS software companies that have focused on the Pi as its core media player – arguably the best known of those London-based Screenly.

This may owe to the hobbyist/maker origins of the Pis and the stated mission of getting schoolkids into computing with super low-cost micro PCs. In short, a $35 PC was likely seen in many circles as something great for a classroom but unsuitable for business. However, there are learned opinions out there suggesting the Pi offers big value for that low investment, and the Pi has improved substantially over four generations. 

But now the Greek/US CMS shop Yodeck has announced it supporting the Raspberry Pi embedded NEC MediaPlayer.

The installation of Yodeck happens straight from the NEC MediaPlayer, the company says in PR.  

Most importantly, Yodeck guarantees deep integration with Raspberry Pi-powered NEC displays, as it automatically adjusts fan speed for quiet and safe operation, retrieves display information and more.

What this means is that digital signage integrators and professionals can trust that Yodeck will run perfectly and offer superior performance on their NEC displays. The embedded Yodeck Player and Yodeck CMS software offer unbeatable content creation and screen management features that guarantee professional results on-screen, while being extremely easy to use. 

“We are excited to formally announce that we’ve collaborated with NEC Displays, after years of working closely behind the scenes. Together, we managed to establish the Raspberry Pi as a professional hardware platform for Digital Signage,” says Vangelis Mihalopoulos, CEO at Yodeck.

“NEC is well known for the quality and reliability of its professional displays, which are widely used within the retail and corporate environment,” says Nils Karsten, Strategic Alliance Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “Embedding Yodeck software into NEC hardware adds real strategic value for our two companies, and provides our customers an unbeatable duo that can serve any industry in the most secure and reliable way.”

Yodeck says it has more than 3,000 customers and 230 reselling partners globally. and works with clients like Autodesk, Adobe, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Deloitte.

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