Primeview Debuts Giant 32:9 Ratio Turnkey LED Display

August 26, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The New York-based LED display solutions company Primeview has announced a new line of indoor turn-key LED displays, including what the company says is  the world’s first 32×9 aspect ratio standard, 3840×1080 pixel resolution, bezel-free panel display.

The units come in 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm or 2.5mm pixel pitch, and are geared to digital signage applications like lobbies and sports books, as well as executive boardrooms and control rooms. 

“Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our R&D team have been evaluating customer feedback and future-proof design requests for when employees head back to the workplace, including hybrid remote work arrangements,” says Chanan Averbuch, EVP of Americas for Primeview Global. “The new 32:9 versions of Fusion MAX have been redesigned to give users an entirely new and immersive single display experience for large meeting rooms. In the year ahead, we are focused on investing and expanding into new vertical markets with innovative solutions that solve market needs,”

Building on its reputation as a leading innovator in the LED video wall category, the new Ultrawide solutions are built to boost productivity by combining superior picture quality with a 32:9 aspect ratio to deliver the immersive experience that businesses need.

These premium 32:9 aspect ratio solutions replace the need for a multi-screen setup, making Fusion MAX ideal for multitasking and a superior viewing experience. Additionally, the 3840 x 1080 resolution (double the pixel count of two 16:9 Fusion MAX Full High-Definition screens combined) helps ensure that documents are easier to read and digital files are easier to view simultaneously.

Although the new 32:9 solutions are certainly suitable for a variety of applications (i.e. digital art, control rooms, digital signage and esports), it will be a natural fit for professionals in finance, utility, oil/gas, architecture and design firms looking to upgrade their technology to improve output in a socially-distant, now larger executive boardroom.

The last few trade shows I was at, before all this, had an increasing count of vendors showing LED displays that were fully packaged up and designated by specific sizes.  Display nerds who wake up thinking about digital signage and AV will know direct view LED is all about display cabinets as building blocks, that can be any scale or dimension. They also think in terms of cost per square meter.

But integrators who don’t focus just on display tech, and certainly their customers, can more easily wrap their brains around products that have a set dimension. And they like the idea of a specific price for a specific size, and in the case of Primeview and some others, a price that bakes in stuff like the mount and trimmings.

While a LOT of attention gets paid to giant LED jobs that fill walls of different scales and shapes, there is substantial market for fixed size products that are going to replace a big, aging LCD or a modest video wall with bezels. 

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