Innolux Demos Rollable 55-Inch MiniLED Display That Unfurls From Housing

August 26, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Photo Credit: LED Inside

The Taiwan-based display manufacturer Innolux has started showing demos of a new kind of rollable 55-inch screen that uses direct view miniLED and is touted as a better, less expensive version of LG’s rollable OLEDs.

The company, part of the huge Foxconn group of tech companies, did a product premiere this week that included a look at the super-thin flexible displays. The panels use a flexible printed circuit board and are said to have high curvature, high brightness, high contrast, high saturation and high definition dynamic picture.

“Among the large-size displays,” says the company, “only LG presented an OLED rollable panel demo which is not yet commercialized, estimated owing to the challenges of reliability and cost. Innolux believes AM miniLED will triumph in PID field with its inherent advantages. The next generation of large-size panel is ushered in with the commercialization of joint panel walls and the potential of rollable panel.”

I think AM refers to active matrix. The news did not include any indication of resolution, but based on what I know and have seen of miniLED, it will not be as crisp as a 55″ OLED or LCD.

The photos I’ve seen also don’t clearly show how it is rollable. If you cast your mind back to the days when we did crazy things like travel to trade shows and wander around crowded halls, you may recall LG launching an OLED TV that rolled up a bit like a window shade into an enclosure. I THINK it cost something like $55,000, so I have several ‘cuz I am in digital signage and therefore drowning in money.

The photo suggests the display would roll down out of the top housing. I GUESS that would be useful in some circumstances, but also don’t think the world is clamoring for that functionality.

This LED Inside piece has a bit more on the units:

Innolux owner Foxconn, aka Hon Hai Precision, owns Sharp, which now owns NEC Display. Foxconn is the contract manufacturer that has/had (not sure) as many as 1 million workers, doing things like iPhone and iPad assembly in China.

Pro tip for Innolux PR – When you announce a visual display product, at least include product photos in the news piece/bundle! Amazing how many tech companies think it is 1990, not 2020.

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