LG Confirms Transparent OLEDs Being Used On Subway Windows in Shenzhen, Beijing

August 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

LG Display has confirmed those are versions of its transparent OLEDs being used as information displays on the windows of subway cars in China.

I can’t find the source PR, but there are numerous tech blogs like this one reporting and quoting an LG exec about how the company is “the first company in the world to supply transparent OLED panels for windows on subway trains.”

The panels are installed on trains for Beijing Subway Line 6 and Shenzhen Subway Line 10. They show passengers real-time daily information such as weather forecasts and news, as well as traffic information such as train operation information, subway train location information, subway transfer information, and real-time flight information.

The screens have been in for a few months now, and I wrote about them back in April, making the assumption they were OLED because they really, only could be OLEDs.

Anyone who has been to China will know their subways are BUSY, so how many people will be able to view these screens is going to be limited much of the day.

This is a shot I took on a Beijing subway, at 9 at night.


  1. Neil Bron Chatwood says:

    The classic piece of paper stuck up next to the screen (left side)!

    Compelling use of the technology and will help transit operators move around from static/tatty looking print adverts lining the carriage.

    I’m curious about how well it will stand up to UV over time; I know some parts of this system run outdoors, not sure if these lines do.

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