LAX Launches ReadySeeGo Digital Wayfinding Totems; Informing, Guiding Air Travelers

August 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

One of a few positives of the pandemic is that facilities like airports can do capital projects and add technologies with minimal disruption , with passenger traffic down hugely and line-ups short or gone.

LAX is among the airports adding new digital capabilities. This is a nice use of a display totem (guessing those LG stretch LCDs) for wayfinding and instructional messaging inside the terminal.

The digital signs are used, in this case at LAX T2, to identify the airline and guide passengers to checkpoints. It can be, presumably, tied into airport information systems to change labeling – like from Delta to Canadian airline partner Westjet.

The solutions partner on this is Seattle’s Synect, which has developed an expertise in airports (see Orlando). The software, as at MCO, is YCD.

Says the company in a Synect corporate blog post:

Using custom content from Synect and our portable digital signage solution ReadySeeGo™, LAX has enhanced both the program and their environment. The content features easily understood information and visual instructions. Messaging raises awareness. Directional arrows help passengers understand where to go. Custom-created characters demonstrate how to prepare for the screening with reminders like removing hats and glasses.

The digital signage content and characters are based on the airport’s Travel Safely at LAX campaign. The Synect studio used the LAX’s visual direction and created the characters to bring the campaign to life in an engaging, memorable way.

The company has done similar work with totems, and other displays, at LGA in New York, which has undergone dramatic, badly needed upgrades.

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