Digital Facade Greets Deep-Pocketed Travelers At Louis Vuitton Store In Rome’s Airport

August 21, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The luxury goods brand Louis Vuitton opened a new store at Rome’s international airport back in late February, just as the pandemic really started to take hold in Europe.

So with airports almost empty for months on end, not that many people have likely seen the giant LED facade that welcomes shoppers to the store inside Terminal T3 at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

I can’t embed the one video I saw (It’s on Linkedin) but here is the link to it:

Says the brand:

The store’s facade, completely covered in digital screens, pays homage to Rome and Italy and welcomes visitors to the space. Drawing inspiration from 1950’s Italian design, the choice of the store’s materials echoes the monumental architecture of the Eternal City.

For example, travertine, a clear reference to the famous sculptures and buildings across Rome, becomes the foundational element of the space, used both for the flooring and the numerous furnishings. Natural cowhide belts have been integrated with each one featuring exclusive finishes that also decorate Louis Vuitton luggage and trunks: the edging in red paint, the visible yellow stitching, and the iconic rivets in gilded brass.

Reaching 13 meters in height, the ceiling suspends two Hughes H-1 Racer model planes as if dancing in mid-air, reconfirming the close link between Louis Vuitton and travel, the raison d’être of the Maison since its founding over 160 years ago.

The brand has also used big digital facades in airport stores in Dubai and Paris, and perhaps elsewhere.

Very impressive both in the stopping power, but the investment in content. 

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