SignageOS Launches Survey On State Of Device Management In Digital Signage

August 19, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Remote hardware management – the software tools that monitor and manage digital signage networks and ideally maximize their uptime – are pretty much critical components for experienced operators.

Without good device management tools, whoever operates a network is flying somewhat blind – not knowing what’s up with the state of their network, and relying on people at the installed locations to send in outage messages or call. People who’ve done this for a while know that rarely works.

The other thing about good device management is that it can negate the need to send a technician on site to remedy a problem. That tech costs time and money, and it is a third-party, one field visit can be $300-$500, or more.

So good device management should be fundamental, but it is surprisingly under-appreciated. The  breadth of what the tools do, and how they do it, varies widely across digital signage hardware and software platforms. Some is great. Some is not much more than a confirmation that the device is checking in with the mother ship server.

The Czech Republic start-up signageOS has a cloud service that makes it possible for a CMS to work across multiple types of smart displays and operating systems,  without the time and cost of developing multiple software players. It has, in the past, done benchmarking research on smart display platform capabilities for playing out media.

Now the company is researching and preparing an independent, industry-wide report – to be called The State of Remote Hardware Management in Digital Signage.

The survey form is here

The report will be similar to work already completed and published by signageOS on the state and capabilities on the many System on Chip (SoC) smart display options in the marketplace.

The State of Remote Hardware Management in Digital Signage Report will analyze:

This report will provide highly beneficial information to not only end users, but to digital signage industry stakeholders at all levels, as this topic is rapidly developing and gaining popularity.

As we found in our SoC display research, many digital signage companies utilize multiple remote management software companies to control their customers’ hardware networks. For example, did you know companies can use TeamViewer for some Android displays, but most companies utilize at least two other remote management software for devices like Samsung and BrightSign?

So, which companies do this, how, and why is it important? Those are the questions this report will also answer – to provide the industry with a comprehensive overview of remote hardware management technology for digital signage and AV devices.

So the signageOS guys are looking for feedback, in a formalized online survey, from not only CMS and smart display vendors, but from end-users, solutions providers and systems integrators, as well as other interested entities like software companies that do mobile device management.

The intent is to gather, analyze and present the findings in a report. Previous reports on SoC smart displays have been free downloads, and I assume this one would be, as well.

Here again is the link to the survey …

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