Bucket List Done In Giant 3D Toys On Seoul Shopping District LED Board

August 12, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Here’s another terrific long-form art piece developed by the Seoul creative shop d’strict for a big outdoor LED display in that city.

The display wraps around a corner of the SMTown Coex Artium building, part of the Coex Convention and Exhibition Center in the upscale Gangnam district.

This piece is called Giant Toy, and plays with the idea of people having bucket lists of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket” (pass away).

From childhood desires to present-day goals, says d’strict in describing the piece, a total of six  different bucket lists are produced into giant toy boxes, revitalizing a pure innocence that you’ve salted away for a while.

The company got a pile of attention online for its first public art piece on the 80 meter wide Samsung (I think) display – a crashing ocean wave that somehow is visually contained within a big rectangle looming over the city square.

A couple of readers have noted some of the anamorphic 3D illusions done on this screen are best seen (and shot) from a specific angle, which is likely why the videos for the wave and this one dwell a lot on the view at the corner. But this bucket list piece also has video at different angles.

Whatever the case, it’s really, really good. This creative shop does great work. 

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