Pro AV Survey Suggests EMEA Industry People Comfy With Trade Shows Again By Q1 ’21

August 7, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The UK-based publication Inavate, which covers the pro AV market in the EMEA regions, has issued the results of a reader survey that suggests few buyers would attend physical  industry events for the balkance of this year, but see Q1 of 2021 as the start of a return to normal.

The questionnaire, that canvassed for the opinions of 1,177 AV professionals, found 83% are not planning to attend any events for the rest of this year.  However, it also found only 41% said they still didn’t expect to be attending physical events in Q1 2021, which would be good news for the ISE people, who are doing what they can to encourage people to come to Barcelona in February.

The survey was based on: 45% AV/IT Systems Integrator; 19% Audio, AV, IT Consultancy; 11% Distributor/Dealer; 5% End User (Corporate, Government, Education, Retail etc.); 20% Other

While events companies, trade associations and publishers have tried to fill the information and marketing void with virtual events, it is not surprising to see most pro AV people would prefer to see stuff and meet people in person.

Only 34% believe virtual trade shows and conferences provided value for their time when compared with a physical event. 

The majority (58%) of respondents said that it would be safety measures implemented at an event that would make them more comfortable in attending. And with only 34% saying they’d be comfortable with a regional event, it seems like the industry is ready to travel again.

Only 11%, however, were happy to attend events no matter where and without any mitigation measures in place. 

Makes one wonder about that 11% – people who still, evidently, operate with a “What’s the big deal???” mindset.

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