LG Starts US Marketing On Its NFC-driven, Cable-Free LED Display Series

July 31, 2020 by Dave Haynes

LG has started making some noise on this side of the Pacific about a new kind of direct-view LED video wall that connects, shares the signal and syncs between LED cabinets without using physical connectors.

I wrote about the tech five weeks ago, when it was touted in South Korea.

This new signage product – called the LSAA Series – uses contactless connector technology from a California company, Keyssa. The company sent out an email blast this morning encouraging people to sign up for notifications about the product release.

The display uses 4 in1 LED packages – which means 4 sets of red green blue LEDs per assembled package, instead of the more conventional 1 set.


The big selling feature of this tech is the use of NFC to transfer data and sync the display cabinets – which removes the need for physical cable or hardware connectors. AV techs and deployers will confirm connectors are points of potential failure, so if two LED cabinets connect just by being butted up against each other, the risk of physical problems lessens.

The marketing shows fixed installations, but you’d tend to think the key benefit of this tech is the set-up, tear-down speed and reliability in the rental/temporary market. For a fixed job, once you have the cables or other connectors firmly in place, there’s not a bunch of likelihood they’ll be disturbed and work loose.

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