Orlando’s New Airport Terminal Schemes In Big LED Display Plans

July 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The new terminal rising at Orlando’s main airport – remember air travel? – is about 60% ready, and an update piece in the local newspaper indicates big direct view LED is central to the design and experience.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The new terminal will house a trio of digital displays, either floor-to-ceiling or several stories high: the “Windows on Orlando,” an “expansive panoramic reveal;” the “Moment Vault,” which will be “composed of three morphing garden-like walls;” and the “Portal,” a “3D suspended helix with both exterior and interior displays.” 

Opening of the new terminal is still 18 months or so out, so I am entirely unsure if the stakeholders have sourced and settled on the integrator and display vendor. I think you’d need to generally know what you are using and where to scheme in the super-structure for mounting, but the modules and pitch could theoretically wait.

The video from the airport shows different set-ups from what is shown in the Sentinel piece.

Pro Tip – The end of the video lets you in on the key design and engineering firms, which will help if you sell LED or services and want to chase this (again, it may already be a done deal).

Orlando is one of those airports I dread because 1) it means I am in Orlando and 2) the flights are filled with infrequent flyers who are mystified with things like seating zones and overhead bins. But the airport does a great job with its digital signage, and this gives me cause to suck it up and go to Orlando again – if/when that’s on again.

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