Biggest Indoor LED Mesh Ceiling In N.A. Switches On … In Maine Furniture Store

July 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The biggest indoor mesh LED ceiling in North America – unless you want to describe the Fremont Experience in Vegas that way – has been switched on in an unlikely location – a new furniture store at a mall in Portland, Maine.

The Jordan’s Furniture chain opened its first store in Maine last week at the Maine Mall, with the big features – apart from lovely sectionals and dining sets – being two indoor ropes courses and a dynamic LED ceiling.

The store has a pair of LED ceilings developed and installed by ClearLED – over the main entrance and above the rope courses, which serve as an attraction for shoppers and distraction for kids who have remarkably little interest in sectionals and dining sets.

In all, there are 466 sq. meters, or about 5,000 sq. ft. of sync’d lights.

The mesh LED has a weird pixel pitch. Explains ClearLED’s Roy Kim: 

“The original pixel pitch for this mesh screen is 25x25mm. But in order for the sprinkler system to work properly, we had to increase the opening of the mesh screen. So, we used the 25mm bars and spaced them 50mm (taking one bar out after another). So the final pixel pitch was 25x50mm.”
“Because you normally look at the ceiling from an angle, the pixels, especially from the entranceway,  appear to be less than they actually are.”
The mesh is IP65-rated, meaning it will survive the shower if the fire suppression system ever went on. 

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