NEXNOVO Launches Transparent LED On Glass Displays

July 15, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Shenzhen-based LED manufacturer NEXNOVO has focused for several years on semi-transparent displays fixed on mesh, but it has now added a new product that puts the LEDs on glass and offers a lot more transparency.

Called NexEsign, the product uses “NEXNOVO’s patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits.”

The big keys are that the displays – whether real glass or acrylic – have 92% transparency and a 10.5mm pixel pitch. That pitch is a long way from fine, but good enough for basic messaging that doesn’t need a lot of detail.  It helps, as well, that the brightness rating is 4,000 lumens – which is more than bright enough to cut  through direct sunlight.

The units can tile together, but only side by side. They can’t be stacked, as the tops have a noticeable metal strip that I assume holds the electronics and power components. I suppose you could stack them, but the result would be butt-ugly.

I have seen a few LED on film products, most notably LG and The Korean/US firm Impactrum. I like them because they can apply to glass windows and don’t look like hell from the rear.

These things have different use-cases, and I like some of the examples in the image for directional messaging in airports, subway stations and rail hubs.

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    its revolutionary innovation

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