iGotcha Media Launches COVID-Focused Health And Wellness Technology System

July 14, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The folks at Montreal solutions provider iGotcha Media have launched what they’ve dubbed a Health and Wellness System – effectively a selection of technologies aimed at helping brands and retailers manage their way through a landscape and rules that keep changing.

This system, says the company in PR, creates a safe and secure retail environment – a ‘safety zone’ that may extend from the parking lot to the stock room.

Modular applications include:

All applications generate real-time data that demonstrates safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

The Health and Wellness System also offers dynamic interactive digital signage solutions that provide a platform for engaging with consumers by offering promotions, special offers and product information. The objective is to rebuild the connection between brands/retailers and consumers by telling powerful stories that create real human connections in an era of infinite choice, eroded consumer loyalty and low attention spans.

iGotcha Media’s integrated brand experiences are impactful and memorable, converting passive consumers into experiential partners.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a boom in online shopping, but research shows that almost 90% of consumers still want the in-person retail experience,” says Greg Adelstein, President, iGotcha Media. “We expect our new system to help consumers get what they want. The ‘new normal’ may be different but we believe that we can protect consumers and employees while offering brands and retailers new promotional platforms. A safe and secure partial return to normalcy would contribute to overall economic growth, satisfy pent-up consumer demand and provide innovative platforms to better connect with existing and prospective customers.”

All of these technologies are out there, but I think it is smart to package them up as a system with a la carte options. I’m sure there are numerous companies doing so, and I have written about Toronto’s Big Digital and Grand Rapids, MI’s Freshwater Digital offering a variety of problem-solving technologies.

Most companies, however, seem to be pitching a single thing – like a hybrid screen/sanitizing station, or those now countless thermal detection fever sensor devices. If I was back in my dark period doing business development, I’d want to go in asking about the challenges and then suggesting the right solution – as opposed to the thing I humped into the meeting in a roller bag.  

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