29 Billion Pixels Of Virtual Water Falls In This Aquarium’s Lobby

July 14, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The folks at the creative shop Fusion CI are particularly known for computer-generated visual effects that feature water, and this is a great example of their technical chops.

The St. Louis Aquarium in that Missouri city has a big LED feature in its Grand Lobby that arcs down to a giant clock face. Working with the experience design firm DE-ZYN Studios, Fusion developed a vignette that shows tons of water flowing above the lobby and pouring down the wall, splashing against the clock aquarium!

The piece has 2,000 frames of fluid simulation, rendered at 2,736 by 5,312 pixels.


The vignette is among 10 produced produced and choreographed by DE-ZYN Studios for the attraction.

I did a podcast with the Fusion founders, where they spoke about what they do and the unusual path that led them to something of a specialty in virtual waterfalls.

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