A Sanitizer Station That’s Also A Messaging Screen, Fever Sensor, People Counter, And …

June 18, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Dubai-based digital signage solutions provider Connectiv have taken one of those hybrid sanitizer dispenser/information screens from China and added a lot more capability.

Connectiv juiced up what is otherwise becoming a commodity item by adding presence detection, fever screening and people counting for building capacity guidelines. The cameras have been added on to something that, at least from the endless manufacturers e-mails I get from Shenzhen, is normally just a 22-inch non-interactive screen intended for scheduled or looped messaging.

There is a Swiss Army Knife kinda feel to this, and if there was a TV commercial about this product, there’d be a “but wait, there’s more!” message in there.

However, it does differentiate itself from the commodity versions and I don’t think CEO Joe Rabah, ex-RMG Networks, would do this unless there was an expressed demand from one or several customers.    

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