Much-Needed Upgrade To LaGuardia Includes Plenty Of Dynamic, Data-Driven Screens

June 15, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Business travelers familiar with the hellscape that was the old LaGuardia airport in New York won’t recognize it if/when they start getting back on airplanes for things other than family emergencies.

The cramped, dilapidated and just generally awful old terminal B that served Air Canada (my reference point) and some other airlines has been overhauled, and the new version is airy and filled with digital displays, some of them data-driven.

The four-storey building officially opened to the public this weekend. Business Traveller reports the revamped facilities “include four check-in islands with 75 individual check-in kiosks, and 16 security lanes with “dynamic signage” displaying wait times and allowing queue zones to be adjusted based on passenger demand.”

New security screening technology includes “an Artificial Intelligence-based, robotic assisted convenience system” for checked luggage, which “quickly troubleshoots and diverts high-risk baggage for deeper inspection”, and new body screening and metal detecting equipment with large screening areas eliminating the need for travellers to raise arms overhead.

In arrivals there are nine new baggage carousels, and across the hall there are 17 bathrooms featuring touch-free entry, sinks and hand dryers.

Don’t know who is providing the software and hardware solutions for all those signs.

  1. Tim Laughlin says:

    Dave, The Fids and Bids where done in a partnership with Art of Context and SITA.

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