AdMobilize Also Tweaks Code To Measure Audiences Even When They Wear Masks

June 12, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A post earlier in the week noted how French computer vision firm Quividi had tweaked its algorithms to do face pattern detection and audience measurement even when people are wearing masks that cover their mouths and lower nose.

Competitor AdMobilize, based in Miami, has now issued its own e-mail marketing saying it has also added that capability (I suspect other companies doing similar work have or will do the same).

Says the company:

In order to lessen the spread of COVID19, people around the world have taken to wearing masks everywhere in public. In response to this situation, AdMobilize’s edge-AI engineering team has worked to adjust our solutions to be able to accurately quantify people even when they are wearing a mask.

This feature is gradually being released to AdMobilize’s customers, in addition to the added metric of how many people are wearing a mask or not.

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