Navori Releases AI-Driven Access Control Solution For Retail, Public Spaces

June 9, 2020 by Dave Haynes

I could do almost nothing else but re-post PR about digital signage and pro AV companies releasing their take on a solution for problems brought on by COVID-19, but they’re all quite similar.

So I’m not doing that – focusing on ones that have a different spin or come from a “major” player in the eco-system.

It is notable when one of the largest and most well-established players in digital signage software comes out with a full solution that includes its own version of AI-based computer vision.

The Swiss firm Navori Labs has announced the launch of QL Access Control, as an add-on to its digital signage CMS software. Like many/most of the solutions that have emerged in the last 2-3 months, QL Access Control is intended as technology suite that enables the operators of retail and public spaces to monitor, secure and meter entry and exit traffic.

In some cases, that may be to follow guidelines or minimize risk to staffers. In other cases, capacity and physical distancing limits are government mandates that could lead to fines if they’re not followed.

QL Access Control, says Navori, provides unique value through real-time calculations and evaluations of visitors on premises. The software:

•      Counts, screens and guides visitors

•      Detects whether or not visitors are wearing protective masks, and identifies specific details about fabric types, shapes, colors, and patterns of each mask worn

•      Monitors multiple entry points simultaneously

•      Gives users the flexibility to set and adjust occupancy instructions

The company is blending its CMS platform with proprietary video tracking technology that “allows users to customize content in conjunction with their own venue-specific rules. Multiple inputs and outputs are available for facilities with more than one entrance and exit, and the software interoperates with security cameras for live streaming and monitoring purposes.”

While some access control solutions use simple proximity sensors, and others may use third-party partnerships with video analytics firms, Navori Labs developed its own computer vision technology, enabling in-depth crowd analysis and content triggering based on real-time visual data and events.

I don’t know what all was done to realize that, but it is far easier and quicker to do these days because of open source libraries that vary from community supported to Intel’s own OpenVino.

Says Navori:

Visitor privacy is assured, as Computer Vision does not store, re-use, or disseminate personal data. In the context of QL Access Control, the AI applies silhouette detection (including the detection of face masks), but not facial recognition.

“QL Access Control was specially designed to safeguard organizations by helping them to comply with local health and safety regulations, and to optimize ROI with an enhanced customer experience and reduced security costs,” says CEO Jerome Moeri. “Its automated, real-time functionality gives users the information they require to keep their operations running smoothly, while providing them with the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business.”

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