Panel: Digital Signage Power Hour On Access Controls In Pandemic Times

May 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The trade association AVIXA is running a series of digital signage “Power Hours” that are designed much more as roundtable discussions than webinars.

I’ve been moderating them, and while they are available for playback on demand via AVIXA’s YouTube channel, its a conversation that works well as just audio.

This session was on the new demands out there for technology-driven access controls, and messaging for retailers and other venue operators who are slowly re-opening to a new normal.

I stripped out the presentation the guys from Invidis did at the front end of the hour, since they do refer to visuals. This is the conversation, which featured:

  • Beth Warren from CRI
  • Jay Leedy from Diversified
  • Ben Reynolds from Stratacache
  • Chuck Lewis from Palmer Digital Group
  • Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker from invidis.

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  1. Marty Durksen says:

    This is exactly the thing that I have been promoting internally to our sales people to take to our integrators and end users. I have seen some good, but mostly really bad access control done by bored security guards that I’m not sure can count past 10 with their shoes on, cannot speak the local language and certainly cannot answer anything about the store.
    Well done Dave. Professionally put together as always.

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