Crimson AV Launches Hybrid Thermal Sensor/Gel Dispenser/Display

May 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Here’s another variation on the idea of a hybrid display/sanitizer, the difference with this one being the addition of an IR body temperature reader for sensing fevers and dispensers for face masks and gloves.

The station is from Crimson AV, the Chicago-based mounts and displays company.

The dispenser holds a gallon of gel. That stuff is a lot easier to come across these days than a few weeks ago. However, it may be an expensive exercise trying to keep up with supply demands for surgical masks, which are in super high demand and needed first and most by caregivers. 

The display is a smart one, and runs LG Web OS, so if this is going to be networked, the CMS will need to support that, use SignageOS as middleware, or just run off a USB drive (assuming that’s possible).

The units are being marketed in Canada via DataVisual.

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