STRATACACHE Adds Churchill-Inspired Mural To Dayton Office Block

May 12, 2020 by Dave Haynes

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This is cool – a street-level mural quoting Churchill near the entry to STRATACACHE’s office tower in Dayton, Ohio.

Yes, STRATACACHE owns a whole skyscraper, something you can buy in the rebounding rustbelt city for about the same price as a brownstone walk-up in lower Manhattan.

Painted by a local mural artist, the mural refers to a quote attributed to Winston Churchill, in reference to encouraging the British public during the Second World War  –  “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

CEO Chris Riegel chose the image for his building, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, reports “Churchill has always been an inspirational figure as one who faced incredible difficulty, yet pulled the nation together,” he said. “I think it is kind of an apropos moment, as it were.”

Another mural on the office tower, also painted by artist Erica Arndts, more simply reads ‘”Greetings From Dayton.”

It doesn’t matter, really, but it is one of those quotes that has taken on a life of its own through the years. It’s not at all clear he actually, ever, said those words.

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